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URL = http://openmaterials.org/


"OpenMaterials is a collaborative research project dedicated to open investigation and experimentation with DIY production methods and uses of materials.

In the spirit of the open source software and hardware movements, we hope to promote materials to be researched and developed in a public, collaborative manner. We see materials as an open resource, and wish to establish an open process for exploring and sharing knowledge, techniques and applications related to materials science.

Inspired by Eric Raymond’s comment in ‘The Cathedral and the Bazaar’, regarding the bazaar style which he described as “a great babbling bazaar of differing agendas and approaches”, we hope to encourage discourse and experimentation with the broadest range of materials and processes possible.

This website is intended as a platform to share knowledge, resources and discoveries, as well as document experiments and processes." (http://openmaterials.org/about/)

More Information

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