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Introduction to the Open Cafe Cooperative Network Model

The Open Cafe Cooperative Network Model helps a community group to create a cafe right in the middle of their community to serve as a third place where people may gather and as a shining example of Community Ownership and governance in the heart of your neighborhood.

Inspirations for this Model

This model takes as consideration the work of the Open World Cafe that is produce by the Open World Foundation and the Replanting a Rainforest project of the Open World Foundation. Stephen Hinton and Alex Rollin thought the idea was a good one and invite you to co-create it with us.

Why an Open Cafe Model?

The first reason to create a model is to share our individual progress as we go about building an open cafe in our own neighborhood. This is a place to share progress, setbacks, and to work on tools that we can use to help our community bring a cafe into being and keep it working for us.

A cafe is a relatively simple place to start. Lots of people have experience with the activities related to a cafe, for example: running a kitchen, serving our friends coffee, and even the purchase of all the things needed for a cafe like cups or napkins. Starting with a project people are comfortable with gives the project an advantage over other things.

Why a cafe? Because people use cafes, and they do so often. Cafes are often the center of community life, and at the very least a great place to meet close friends, or to invite new folks for a get-to-know-you-chat. Either way, cafes are the "3rd home" to a lot of folks, between the office and the house.

Thinking about the community cafe idea

What other organisations might be invited in"?

More Information



  • Financial Permaculture Worksheet - tool to be used to map the commons of the cafe. Can be used on any scale for examining inputs and outputs for a system using group discussion.

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