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About OVF



AIDS Relief Foundation started from a desire to use information and communications technologies (ICTs) to improve the way in which we address the AIDS pandemic in Africa. The central focus was on AIDS, the tragic results of which Joy Tang, ARF’s founder experienced first hand while traveling through Africa.

The name "AIDS Relief Foundation" implied that "relief from AIDS". It was determined that the organization's actual focus was on leveraging information and communication technologies to bring people and groups of synergy together with the overarching belief that we are all one (that this planet really is all one big village). This gave rise to the name "oneVillage" as the appropriate replacement.

As of April 20, 2003, the AIDS Relief Foundation began doing business as the oneVillage Foundation.


OVF sees the challenge and opportunity of using Information Communication Technology (ICT) to address World Urgent Issues, by providing a platform for an integrated approach to sustainable development. People have lost, or stopped practicing, the knowledge of sustainable living. Our mission is to connect art, science and education with proactive, hands on, community oriented actions on the ground that promote more sustainable ways of living in both developing and developed parts of the world. We are devoted to increasing collaboration and access to ICT in under-served communities, facilitating local content creation and dissemination, and building bridges among digital and physical communities globally.


The oneVillage vision entails the creation of ICT centers in rural villages and developing countries connected by a collaboration portal that allows resource matching, project management, documentation and corruption-free allocation and accounting of funds.