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Introduction to an Occupier Commons

An Occupier Commons is a P2P Network composed of Peers who "occupy" shelter. This is a "wide" commons in the sense that the peer membership of the network could potentially include everyone on the planet. The peer membership of an Occupier Commons may create or facilitate collaboration services for members like Knowledge Commons dedicated to materials that aid members in working together and meeting their needs in the form of appropriate shelter. Members of the Occupier Commons may form additional networks that can facilitate communal action like the purchase of Common Resources.

Networks Complementary to an Occupier Commons

P2P Property Management Network

"" (see P2P Property Management Network)


1) Looking for premises to occupy in order to carry out their activities or already occupying premises

2) Intending to pay rent for the right to occupy the premises or take steps to legally own the premises in the future

3) Premises may be for shelter, enterprise, leisure, entertainment, or amenities


There is a collection of needs and P2P Protocol that creates a P2P Network amongst occupiers. This is a peer network that has relationships with institutions, groups, and government entities who have a similar purpose.

The network works together on the common work of ensuring that each peer has the space or premises they need. The network creates tools that facilitate peer-to-peer aid in various areas including:

  • Inventory of needs
  • Connecting with institutional help
  • Communal Acquisition of buildings for the Resource Commons
  • Communal Bargaining for rents
  • P2P Knowledge Commons for occupiers
  • Who's a member?
    • People with wishes for a home, workspace, space to create, a place to gather?
  • Are you already sheltered?
  • Can you be an occupier commons before you have shelter? Yes, that's the point.