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"NextNet" is an umbrella term used to refer to a variety of activities aimed at building next-generation distributed infrastructure.


<draft for a declaration of interdependence and a possible future that inspires us>

Values and Principles

<broad statement about the core values and principles that unite us>


<people projects and organizations working on realizing aspects of the above vision>


- The Foundation for P2P Alternatives - Free Software Foundation - Future Forward Institute - New America Foundation - Electronic Frontier Foundation - Brave New Software - Creative Commons - Commons Strategies Group - World Wide Web Consortium - Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium - FreedomBox Foundation - The New Economics Foundation - The Free Network Movement


Program on Liberation Technology (Stanford)


- The GNU Project - FreedomBox Project - Open Source Ecology - Appropedia - VillageTelco - The Serval Project - Tor Project

People / Blogs

- Technology Liberation Front - - The COOK Report on Internet Protocol - - Shareable - On The Commons - Yes! Magazine


The term came into use when Douglas Rushkoff posted:

There is a twitter hashtag search here:!/search?q=%23NextNet


A minimal-requirements proof-of-concept can be seen in a diagram here:

Possibly related or consistent ideas

Mark Pesce's Plexus p2p distributed social network architecture: --Poor Richard 06:35, 2 April 2011 (UTC)