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|The coordinates=52.16045455774708, 5.625
The '''Netherlands''' is a country in [[Europe]].
|Location type=Country
|Located in=Europe
The P2P Foundation does have the following members in The Netherlands:
* James Burke
* Bas Reus
* Marijn van der Pas
* Martien van Steenbergen
* Ben Zevenbergen
* Vasilis Kostakis
* Abdur Rahman-Advany
* Kasper Souren
* [[Alex Rollin]]
* ...
We also have the [http://blognl.p2pfoundation.net/ Dutch P2P blog].
'''BeroepsEer''', http://www.beroepseer.nl/
This grassroots organisation wants to restore the professional pride which has been undermined by increased rationalisation and quantification in the worksphere.
'''De VPRO on Google''', http://www.vpro.nl/programma/tegenlicht/afleveringen/27988731/
Documentary on Google, with interviews of Vint Cerf and others.

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