Most Important P2P-Related Projects and Trends of 2013

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1. Sensorica's Open Value Network

2. WikiSpeed's Xtreme Manufacturing

3. The Flok Society project in Ecuador + Bordeaux for regional initiative and Seoul for city sharing

4. The Open Tech Forever's open technology cooperative

5. Slow Tools, Farm Hack, the Nutrient Dense Project, Open Source Beehives for open agriculture

6. Las Indias and its work on Phyles ; the work of Pat Conaty, Mike Lewis, John Restakis, Robin Murray on open cooperativism ;

7. the Goteo commons oriented cloudfunding ; Bitcoin Protocol , Freicoin, FAZ, OpenUDC, open currency networks

8. The Ouishare global movement and Shareable magazine

9. SELC and ShareLex

10. Guerilla Translation, for its adoption of Dmytri Kleiner's Peer Production License