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* [[WikiSpeed]]'s [[Xtreme Manufacturing]]
* [[WikiSpeed]]'s [[Xtreme Manufacturing]]
* [[Simone Cicero]]'s tireless work on [[Open Electronics]]

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1. Open value accounting

2. New open manufacturing methodologies

3. Policy initiatives at city, regional and national scale

  • Bordeaux for regional initiative and
  • Seoul, San Francisco and Napels, for city sharing

4. open technology cooperatives

  • the work of Pat Conaty, Mike Lewis, John Restakis, Robin Murray on open cooperativism ;

5. open agriculture, farmer to farmer cooperation and open agriculture machining designs

6. commons-oriented cloudfunding and crowdfunding and other monetary innovations

  • the Goteo commons oriented cloudfunding ;

7. critical and constructive voices on the sharing economy, and its legal empowerment