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=Short Articles=
=Short Articles=
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* Editor of P2P News, 2005-2007. Archive at http://integralvisioning.org/index.php?topic=p2p  
* Editor of P2P News, 2005-2007. Archive at http://integralvisioning.org/index.php?topic=p2p  
=In Other Languages=
* "Le Peer to Peer: Vers un Nouveau Modèle de Civilization"Integral Review, Issue 2, 2006, pp. 126-138; Retrieved from http://integral-review.org/documents/Bauwens,%20Peer%20to%20Peer%202,%202006.pdf . [http://integral-review.org/documents/Bauwens,%20Peer%20to%20Peer%20English%20Summary%202,%202006.pdf summary in English].

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Short Articles

  • (with Father Vincent Rossi). Dialogue on the Cyber-Sacred and the Relationship Between Technological and Spiritual Development. In Cybersociology. Issue Seven: Religion Online & Techno-Spiritualism. September 1999. Retrieved from http://www.cybersociology.com/files/7_bauwensrossi.html
  • Enterprise 2.0: Will Corporations Embrace the Social Media Revolution?

Cutter IT Journal. Special Issue on Enterprise 2.0. 2008




  • Review of Political Economy from Below. Economic Thought in Communitarian Anarchism, 1840-1914. Review of Political Economy, Volume 21, Issue 2 April 2009 , pages 336 - 337 [1]


  • Entretien de Michel Bauwens : les accès publics Internet et politiques publiques TI en Thaïlande. By Valerie Daigrain for @Brest. Juin 2008. Retrieved from http://www.a-brest.net/article4077.html

Print Only

  • Some notes on the social antagonism in netarchical capitalism. Chapter 14 of: Cyber-conflict and Global Politics. by Athina Karatzogianni (Editor). Routledge, 2008.
  • The Next Buddha Will Be a Collective: Spiritual Expression in the Peer-to-Peer Era. ReVision: A Journal of Consciousness and Transformation Issue: Volume 29, Number 4 / Spring 2007 Pages: 34 – 45. Draft version retrievable via http://p2pfoundation.net/Next_Buddha_Will_Be_A_Collective
  • Peer-to-peer: From technology to politics. Chapter 7 in: Towards a Sustainable Information Society: Deconstructing WSIS. Ed. Jan Servaes, Nico Carpentier. Portland, OR: Intellect Books, 2006

As Editor

In Other Languages