Making Worlds, Building the Commons in NYC

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“Making Worlds: a Commons Coalition” was formed during the occupation of Zuccotti Park (NYC, 2011) in order to bring projects working to reclaim the commons to the fore of the Occupy movement.

Initially Occupy Wall St (OWS) focused on protests against corporate greed and income inequality. However, many OWS supporters understand the movement as a way of creating solutions to inequality and envisioning a future inspired by the concept of the “commons.” Commons can be defined as resources managed and sustained by the communities that make use of them. The commons belong to the 99% yet are endangered by privatization and commodification.

Quotes and mentions

"The Occupy movement is beginning to discover the commons, and the result could be a rich and productive collaboration. This was the lesson that I took from a three-day conference, “Making Worlds: A Forum on the Commons,” hosted by Occupy Wall Street in Brooklyn this past weekend. Rarely have I seen so many ordinary people from diverse backgrounds embrace the commons idea with such ease and enthusiasm" - David Bollier

"The idea of organizing the OWS Forum on the commons was based on two reflections. On the one hand, the need to move beyond protest organizing and create a space for strategic thinking towards building alternatives. (..) On the other hand the second reflection under the celebration of the forum was the willingness to solve the “fragmentation” of almost 100 specialized working groups on OWS" - Mayo Fuster

"If ever two emerging movements had synergy and much to offer each other, it is these two. Both the commons movement and Occupy spring from a shared sense of urgency about need for a different path toward the future, given the widespread human suffering and ecological destruction caused by the dominant economic system. The commons movement brings working models for shared resource governance. Occupy represents a a highly energetic mass movement that is determined to redefine the politics and possibilities of our times" - Alexa Bradley (On the Commons)

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    Move Commons: Non Profit, Reproducible, Reinforcing the Commons/Town/Community/Society, Grassroots

    Move Commons: Non Profit,Reproducible, Reinforcing the Commons/Town/Community/Society, Grassroots