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See: [[ContactCon]] for general information about the conference
==Business, Exhange and Social Commerce==
==Business, Exhange and Social Commerce==

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See: ContactCon for general information about the conference

Business, Exhange and Social Commerce

  • OurGoods - barter network for the creative community
  • BEEx - open source fundraising platform


  • FLO Farm - a 200 acre space in Greentown, PA that serves as a free/libre/open source (FLO) technology development laboratory and proving ground, a health and wellness center, a recreational landscape, an agroforestry and permaculture farm and a setting for experimentation in participatory governance practices

Technology and Infrastructure

  • ""LittleShoot"" - P2P browser plugin & open source P2P platform built on a VoIP stack
  • ""Lantern"" - P2P censorship circumvention tool
  • Aidphone Flybox - box with inmarsat terminal, wifi access point, and GSM basestation to provide internet & mobile phone service to indy journalistsin crisis situations
  • Free Network Movement - community of college-aged student in Grinnell, IA, participating in initiatives to improve and produce free networking software