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= Brazilian community-participation oriented libraries like this are increasingly using participatory process with important commons output.



"In its 2.3 million square feet can freely access the bookshelves and the Internet, watch movies, listen to music, participate in numerous cultural activities or to request the loan of books and movies from over 27,000 titles.

The Library Park Manguinhos is a cultural and coexistence, with broad accessibility, offering the public reading and study rooms, meeting space, services for people with special needs, online library catalog, children's play area, garden and reading soon, cafeteria and a movie theater with 200 seats.

Inaugurated in April 2010, the Library of Manguinhos Park is an area of the State Secretariat of Cu"

More Information

Av. Dom Hélder Câmara, 1184 - Manguinhos, Rio de Janeiro, 20973-012, Brazil "

Located in Manguinhos Complex, is the first library in the country park.

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