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'''Maurizio Lazzarato'''
URL = [http://www.thetransitioner.org/ic]
Maurizio is a philosopher, expert on Gabriel Tarde, co-founder of the magazine Multitudes, who has been specializing in the analyis of cognitive capitalism, and its discontents, hence his work on the P2P-concept of Multitudes, the coordination format in political and economic resistance, etc.. His work is historically situated in the Italian movement of 'autonomous Marxism'.
Short French-language profile with links to his books at [1]
Some of his writings are located here:
Struggle, Event, Media: http://info.interactivist.net/article.pl?sid=04/03/08/1253213&mode=nested&tid=22
European Cultural Tradition and the New Forms of Production and Circulation of Knowledge: http://www.moneynations.ch/topics/euroland/text/lazzarato.htm
Multitude and Working class: Maurizio Lazzarato interviews Paolo Virno http://www.generation-online.org/t/multitudeworkingclass.htm
General Intellect: Towards an Inquiry into Immaterial Labour http://www.emery.archive.mcmail.com/public_html/immaterial/lazzarat.html
From Biopower to Biopolitics (pdf file) http://www.goldsmiths.ac.uk/csisp/papers/lazzarato_biopolitics.pdf
Maurizio Lazzarato: Dialogism and Poliphony http://www.goldsmiths.ac.uk/csisp/papers/lazzarato_dialogism.pdf

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