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URL = (in German)

Joytopia is an long term project coordinated by Bernd Hückstädt, Germany. The new sustainable money system Lebensgeld ("life money") is the core part in what is called Natürliche Ökonomie ("natural economy").

The first testing-phase is already up and running: Lebensgeld is issued in the form of Dankpunkte ("thanks points") managed with an online system. Joytopia Lebensgeld are a sort of an unconditional basic income paid in the community currency Dankpunkte: every member gets 50 thanks points per month. There are already 1000+ members manly from the German speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) using the system at

Dankpunkte or thanks points are a short-lived money: The thanks points online account looses 50% of its value per year (=50% demurrage), this means 5.6% per month. So there is a strong impulsion to use thanks points to support the flows of exchange an not to hoard them. For those who use Dankpunkte in the Euro/Dollar world, one Dankpunkt is approximately one Euro.