Joe Justice on Rapid and Agile Industrial Development at Wikispeed

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= using agile software development, modular design, and rapid prototyping, the WikiSpeed car development team, developing a 100 MGP car for the Automotive X-Prize, has achieved an extraordinary compression of development time

TedXRanier video presentation of Joe Justice at ; longer detailed explanation at

This is a must see video!



"Joe Justice presents at TEDxRanier how Team WIKISPEED has accomplished amazing results in producing a 100 Mile per Gallon (MPG) car using processes borrowed from the software world; Agile, Lean, Scrum and Extreme Programing. The result is that WIKISPEED now sells an affordable car that achieves 100 MPG that is is fast, fun and beautiful while also achieving a five star crash test rating equivalent."


"Here are some highlights of what Joe and the others from Wikispeed have accomplished:

  • Designed and manufactured a 4-passenger street-legal car that gets 100 mpg

Most of us would agree that is quite an achievement.

There is more:

  • The car was constructed using off-the-shelf parts

This means, among others things, that the car is easily serviceable using existing maintenance infrastructure

  • The car is entirely modular in design

All sub-systems are essentially snap-out/snap-in, making replacement of engine, brakes, suspension, etc. a process that takes just a few minutes. BTW, this is not simply replacing like-for-like but also to switch to a new technology (e.g. change to a new engine).

  • They innovated a new process for carbon-fiber body construction that costs 1/360th the traditional process

With this process, they were able to switch to a new body type for less than $1000.

  • You can pre-order cars now for less than $29,000

This is not just a one-off prototype. Currently they are manufacturing one car per week (yes, that’s the low volume manufacturing retail price). They are targeting a future price of under $20,000.

Last but not least, all this has been accomplished:

  • With no capital investment

Although they do solicit donations through PayPal on their Web site.

  • No paid employees

Everything is done by volunteers."