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'''P2P and Nature''', Issue 96 of P2P News at,
'''P2P and Nature''', Issue 96 of P2P News at,
'''P2P Epistemology''', Issue 89 of P2P News, at
'''P2P Epistemology''', Issue 89 of P2P News, at

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For an intro, read Michel Bauwens on the Great Cosmic Mash-Up, which focuses on P2P and common projects and their role in the construction of our identity:

"Postmodernism was all about deconstructing oppressive mental structures that we inherited from modernity. Amongst other things the Cartesian subject/object split and the alienating effects of Kantian's impossibility of knowing true reality; it was a necessary destructive passage, a cleaning out process, but it didn't, as its names "post"- indicate, construct anything. So in my view, if modernity was about constructing the individual (along subject/object divisions), and postmodernity about deconstructing this, then this new era, which I'ld like to call the era of participation, is about constructing relationality or participation. We are not going back to the premodern wholistic era and feelings, but just as modernity was about rigorously individualising everything, eventually reaching the current dead-end of hyper-individualism, we are now just as rigorously 'relationising' everything. If in premodernity we thought, we are parts of a whole that is one and above us, and in modernity we thought we are separate and unified individuals, a world onto ourselves, and in postmodernity saw ourselves fragmenting, and pretty much lamented this, then this is the mash-up era. We now know that all this fragments can be reconstructed with the zillions of fragment of the others, into zillions of commonalities, into temporary wholes that are so many new creative projects, but all united in a ever-moving Commons that is open to all of us..

So the fragmentation of postmodernity is a given for us now, but we are no longer lamenting, we are discovering the technologies (infrastructural, collaborative-software-ish, political, but above all the mental and epistemological) that allow us to use this fragmentation to create the Great Cosmic Mash-Up. That is the historical task of the emerging Peer to Peer Era."


The liberation of the self involves, above all, a social process. In a society that has shriveled the self into a commodity — into an object manufactured for exchange — there can be no fulfilled self. There can only be the beginnings of selfhood, the emergence of a self that seeks fulfillment — a self that is largely defined by the obstacles it must overcome to achieve realization.

- Murray Bookchin [1]

"Moral insight is not, like mathematics, a product of rational reflection. It is instead a matter of imagining a better future, and observing the results of attempts to bring that future into existence."

- Richard Rorty [2]


Key Articles

  1. Bruce Aldermann's three part introduction to intersubjective spirituality [3]
  2. Gregg Lahood and John Heron with a case study of Collaborative Charismatic Inquiry


  1. Read our entries on Relational Spirituality and Participatory Spirituality
  2. Participative Epistemology, and Transdisciplinarity

Key Books

Key Books:

John Heron's Participatory Spirituality - A Farewell to Authoritarian Religion.

John Heron's Sacred Science

Jorge Ferrer's Revisioning Transpersonal Psychology.

Christian De Quincey. Radical Knowing

Beatrice Bruteau. The Many and the One

The Participatory Mind

Also of note:

The Alphabet and the Goddess

The Ascent of Humanity

Digital Dharma. Steven Vedro.

The Spiritual Imperative. Larry Taub.

Key Thematic Issues of P2P News

P2P and Nature, Issue 96 of P2P News at, http://integralvisioning.org/article.php?story=p2p96

P2P Epistemology, Issue 89 of P2P News, at http://integralvisioning.org/article.php?story=p2p89

P2P Spirituality, Issue 88 of P2P News, at http://integralvisioning.org/article.php?story=p2p88

P2P Epistemology, Issue of P2P News, at http://integralvisioning.org/article.php?story=p2p77