Inter-Owner Trade Agreement

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This is a kind of General Public License for collective User Ownership of Physical Sources and all Objects of Production.


By Patrick Anderson:

"The GNU General Public Law as published by the Personal Sovereignty Foundation is a Free as in Freedom inter-owner trade agreement designed to insure every User has the freedom to Use(0), Modify(1), Copy(2) and Share(3) free Objects by causing all profit be an investment for that User toward Physical Sources needed for production of more of that kind of Object so each Consumer gains User Ownership at each transaction where they pay any amount above production costs.

This Property Left treaty is a social contract in the spirit of the GNU General Public License for collective User Ownership of the physical means of production or for any kind of object(ive).

Some objects are physical (such as an apple), while others are virtual (such as software), and some objects cannot be separated from their sources (such as the object of an automobile or a movie theater), but in all cases those objects have Physical Sources."