ICapitalism and the Cybertariat

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* Article: iCapitalism and the Cybertariat. Contradictions of the Digital Economy. by Ursula Huws. Monthly Review, Volume 66, Issue 08, January 2015.

URL = http://monthlyreview.org/2015/01/01/icapitalism-and-the-cybertariat/


"We have now entered a period…when new waves of commodification set in motion in earlier periods are reaching maturity. The new commodities have been generated by drawing into the market even more aspects of life that were previously outside the money economy, or at least that part of it that generates a profit for capitalists. Several such fields of accumulation have now emerged, each with a different method of commodity genesis, forming the basis of new economic sectors and exerting distinctive impacts on daily life, including labor and consumption. They include biology, art and culture, public services, and sociality.…"