Hospitality Exchange Networks

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Specific forms of exchange and sharing, aimed at the travelling public.



CouchSurfing at >400.000 members in >30.000 cities in >200 countries

HospitalityClub at

Be Welcome at , developped by

Global Freeloaders, at



More Information

Hospitality Guide,

Comparative overview,


"Intimate Tourism; Friendship in a state of Mobility - The case of the online hospitality network." - Paula Bialski, MA thesis, University of Warsaw, Poland, 2007

"Gift, Exchange and Trust" - MA thesis, Julia Maria Koszewska, University of Warsaw, Poland, 2008

"The CouchSurfing Project; An Explorative Study on the Phenomenon of CouchSurfing." - thesis, Peter Heesakkers (Nominated for "TUI NL Award for Sustainable Tourism" & "de Joop Jansen Prijs")