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Maybe you heard! The P2P Foundation Wiki is really popular! Many, many people traverse our pages, and the search engines go nuts over our bulky and fairly exploding category pages like Category:Commons.

So, would you like to be a part of this? Here are some simple, non-obtrusive ways to join in on the wiki and share some of what you are interested in.

Create an account

By creating an account you can edit pages. You can create links. You can do stuff. Create an account.

As soon as you create your account I recommend you head back to your email and confirm your email. This extra step will allow you to make edits on the site.

Spruce up your "User" page

As soon as you are logged into the site add a few links to that first page you land on. You could start by adding a link to your name like:

<pre>[[Firstname Lastname]]</pre>

Then save the page, and you can see a red link, right?

Adjust your preferences

Once you save your user page, click on the preference link in the top right corner. These are your site preferences.

I recommend making sure that you adjust all the checkbox settings. Those make sure that you get notified about changes to pages you make on the wiki.

Create a Biography Page

Go to Category:Bios. There's a form at the top of the page that will help you create a nice Biography page that will show up in our directory.

One nice idea is to create a link from your Biography page to your User page. You can do that like this:

<pre>[[User:Username]] where username is your username for the wiki. This will help people find you.</pre>

Create new articles about your project

Do you have something that you'd like to promote? There's an easy way to add it to the wiki.

On your Biography page or User page create a new link. Use Capital Letters for The First Letter of Every Major Word.

<pre>[[My Project Name]]</pre>

If you did this on your Biography page you might do it like this:

<pre>I am currently working on [[My Project Name]].</pre>

Now, when you save the page, your new link will be red, right? That red link means the page doesn't exist yet.

Click on the link! You are taken to the page and you can categorize it now.

Categorize your project article

Many of the articles on the wiki are sorted into categories.

Some of the major categories are Category:Peergovernance, Category:Peerproduction, Category:Peerproperty, and more at this page Special:Categories. Pick one or more that are right for your page by adding a category at the bottom of your article like this:


You probably added one like this when you made your Biography page, too? Did you see the instructions at the bottom to remove the 1st :(colon)?

<pre>This is a category => [[Category:Peergovernance]] Notice, only one colon between the Category and the name.</pre> <pre>This is a link to a category [[:Category:Peergovernance]] It has 2 colons.</pre>

Add more articles

If you want to make more articles on specific subjects, feel free to do so. There are several projects on the wiki that welcome collaboration like the P2P Collaboration Stack.

Edit other articles

If you edit other articles try using headings like this to set off your paragraph appropriately.

You can also use LST to allow you to place your paragraph into other pages as need. Learn more about P2P Foundation Wiki LST.

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