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LST = Labeled Section Transclusion. LST is an extension installed on this wiki. It allows wiki editors to re-use important sections of pages within other pages.

You can read the details about the extension here: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Labeled_Section_Transclusion

Basically, you add special markup to the original page. Let's say we edit Transparency and write a section on Transparency in a P2P Politics. We label it thusly:

<section begin=P2PPolitics />chapter content on Transparency and P2P Politics<section end=P2PPolitcs />

Now, if you are on a different page and want to include this section on Transparency in Politics you can do the following:


Now you can see an example of the transcluded section from the Transparency page here:

You can choose whatever name you like for the sections, and, the more logical the name the more orderly your future editing tasks will be.

For example, this is labeled "P2PPolitics" because it is in the page Transparency and deals with a P2P Network model in the subject of Politics.

Naming Convention:

  • P2P Persective (Peer (Individual Holon), P2P (Network Holon), and CS (Linking Systems, Collaboration Systems, Internsubjective Subsystems)
  • Subject/Concept

This should work for the bulk of the pages on the wiki, as most such article sections will be embedded within one subject like Transparency, and then transcluded to more complex articles like P2P Politics.

Easy Template for Including Sections

You can use an easy template to include sections once they are created:

  1. is the page name
  2. is the section name

Here's what it looks like completed:


This will tell the wiki to look at the Transparency page and fetch the "Intro" section.

For more information visit Template:Section.