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What are Categories?

Categories form the topic or subject tagging system in use on the P2P Foundation Wiki. At the bottom of most pages on this wiki you will see a shaded box that looks like this:

Category: Peer Production | Peer Governance

Peer Production and Peer Governance are two of the categories applied to articles on the site. The category name at the bottom of the page links to the category page, where you can see a list of all articles in that category.

How to Use Categories

You can place your article in a category the same way by adding one or more Category tags to your article. Below are two category tags. Put category tags (anywhere) on a page, and the page will show the category at the bottom, and is listed on the relevant Category page.

For more than one category, simply repeat the same pattern.

[[Category:Peer Production]]
[[Category:Peer Governance]]

Which Category to Choose

  • Each page should have at least one category, and as many as are useful.
  • Do not create new categories unless there is a very good reason for this. Consult other contributors first!
  • For in depth information visit the P2P Foundation Wiki Taxonomy page
  • All pages should be placed into one of the listed subcategories below. You can use more than one!

If you find other categories later, you can add those, too.

no subcategories

Are you adding media?

You can also choose a "Multimedia" Category from the list below: