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What are Categories?

Categories are the filing system in use on the P2P Foundation Wiki. At the bottom of most pages on this wiki you will see text that looks like "Category: Peer Production | Peer Governance". Peer Production and Peer Governance are two of the more common categories applied to articles on the site. By clicking on a category at the bottom of the page you can view additional articles in that category.

How to Use Categories

You can place your article in a category the same way by adding a "Category Tag" to your article. Here's what a category tag looks like inside the edit page of your article. You could copy this text exactly, paste it into your article, and you article would then show up in the "Peer Production" category.

[[Category:Peer Production]]

Creating subcategories

If you think a new subcategory would be appropriate you can find instructions here.

Which Category to Choose

  • Each page should have at least one category, and as many as are useful.
  • Do not create new categories unless you plan to place at least 10 pages into that category.
  • For in depth information visit the P2P Foundation Wiki Taxonomy article
  • All pages should be placed into one of the listed subcategories below. You can use more than one!

If you find other categories later, you can add those, too.

no subcategories

=Are you adding a multimedia piece?

You can also choose a "Multimedia" Category from the list below: