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Welcome to the P2P Foundation's wiki!

Here on the P2P Foundation Wiki we are working on original approaches to complex problems. You will find peers from all over the world collaborating here on the wiki. We use the wiki to write original works, and to collect references to important trends and solutions.

Here you will find some basic instructions to help orient you on how we would like the wiki to evolve. Taking the time to get acquainted with these guidelines and on how to use MediaWiki tools in general will make your work easier, so please do explore the wiki before jumping in with both feet!

On Standards

Our standards come from trial and error as well as being oriented towards the long term vision of a P2P Foundation Knowledge Commons. Please accept what is written below as a hope for fruitful collaboration.

Getting Started

Please register and create and account. One you confirm your email address you may edit pages on the wiki.

Add your biography and project entry. This will give you some experience with editing articles here.
Use your User:$1 page for practice 
Gain familiarity with making links and new pages.
Gain more skills at editing 
If you aren't sure how to format something, visit the Help:Editing Editing Help page for more information.
Want to become a Pro? 
If you want to know everything about editing and Mediawik (the software for this site) try the MediaWiki User's Guide.

Double Checking

Do make a habit of searching for duplicates and related articles.
Do visit the Help:Editing Editing Help page for information about additional conventions for your articles.
Do proofread your articles 
Ensure your work has proper spelling and grammar.
Do follow the site's article naming convention
page names should be full titles, so instead of "IntroToBlogs" use "Introduction to Blogs". They should also follow the Dr. Grammar rules regarding capitalization thus:
"In titles, capitalize the first word, the last word, and all words in between except articles (a, an, and the), prepositions under five letters (in, of, to), and coordinating conjunctions (and, but). These rules apply to titles of long, short, and partial works as well as your own papers" (Anson, Schwegler, and Muth. The Longman Writer's Companion 240)
Do discuss articles! : Do you see something that is perhaps incorrect, or needs clarification? The best way to make mention of any issues is to use the DISCUSSION function. Please refrain from adding your comments directly onto the ARTICLE page. Every page has a DISCUSSION tab on it. This is the place to make your comments, suggestions, and to engage authors in discourse.
Please do create a horizontal rule between comments on the discussion page by using four dashes ---- between entries.
Please do add four ~s to add your "signature" with a time-stamp -- useful for discussion pages OR just click on the signature icon at the top of the edit's the second one from the right.
Do have fun. :)

Things to Look out For

Do avoid creating empty pages 
Please do NOT create blank pages simply as placeholders. Once the pages are created, they are live, and any links to them will then work. When a user clicks their way to an empty page, they have just wasted some of their time. PLEASE - only create pages when you have some content to put into them. You need not have a complete page, but there should be something of value there for users. Thank you!
Do avoid sub-pages 
Our standard is to NOT create any sub-pages, EXCEPT for personal pages of Wiki Users and for the Template Tags. These are pages with a "/" in the title. If there is a "User:GoodRollin" page, then a sub-page is "User:GoodRollin/My Sub Page". You can use these pages for your sandbox when you create subpages from your User but they are not appropriate for the rest of the site at this time. Thank you!
Do avoid CamelCase for page titles
 : For example, if you want to create a page named "About Emakina", you can type into your address bar, and the new page will automatically be created. When you wish to link to a created page, create the link with the Wiki format of: [[About Emakina]] and not the CamelCase [[AboutUs]]. Thank you!
Do help mark Incomplete pages 
If you think a page is incomplete, mark the page as such by using the Stub template. You do this by inserting the following tag: {{Stub}}. (NOTE: The Stub tag is case-sensitive!)
Do help mark Duplicate pages 
If you think that Page A is a copy of Page B, or even close, then please use {{merge}} to tag the pages as requiring merging.
Do help delete Pages 
If you find a page that should not, or need not be there, or is inappropriate, edit the page to have the {{rfd}} tag. This will alert Brice to look into it for deletion.

Following Up

If you have any questions that you can't find the answers to you can visit the discussion tab and leave a note. Be sure to sign your note with four dashes '~' which will put your name in and a link to your User page. You can also use the button that has a squiggle of cursive writing on it to sign your note.

The P2P Foundation How-To Library

Peruse additional help articles at your liesure.