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Introduction to User Pages and Biography pages on the P2P Foundation Wiki

If you plan to do some editing on the P2P Foundation Wiki it's important that you take a few moments to add some information about yourself. This can aid others in understanding your perspective, and break down some of the barriers to further collaboration. You can use your User and Biography page to write a bit about yourself, your interests, and also give folks a chance to contact you. In some cases an editor may contact you in order to check in about an article on the wiki.

User Page

Your account on this wiki comes with a page. You can visit that page by clicking on your username in the top right corner of the site. It's a great practice to use that page to hold information about you for a number of reasons.

  • Every article you edit will be linked to your username
  • If an editor wants to find out more or contact you they will visit your user page
  • Special links are available from your user page that allow you and others to see what you have been writing. Visit the page and you can see a new box on the left that has links to "Contributions" and other activity for your account

Biography Page

The Biography page is a place to use your real name. You can make a biography page easily by visiting [[1]].

Extending your Biography page

There are a number of categories on the wiki. Some of these are for people. The Category:Bios page is one such category. It contains a list of people related to P2P. In order to get your page listed there you must add the Category:Bios tag to the bottom of your page. This is done automatically for you. You can also add others, like the following categories:

Redirecting your Biography page

If you are an editor and would like to keep all your information in one place you can easily keep a biography page and a user page up to date by redirecting your biography page to your user page. This is done by using the following tag at the top of your biography page, and substituting your username where is says "username."

#REDIRECT [[User:username]]

This is a really easy way to add your bio page to network categories, and to user your user page to the fullest potential.

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