Heike Löschmann

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Heike Löschmann, a social anthropologist, lived and worked for 14 years in South East Asia. Her access to the politics of the commons is the result of this field experience, where she was exposed to the misgivings of international development and unfair trade policies and the resulting struggles of people for self-reliance and subsistence, community based resource management, fair trade and gender justice. In her current position as head of department for International Politics of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, she is the lead person for the Foundation´s programmatic work on the Commons. She is the coordinater of the stream "Doing away with labor: Working and Caring in a world of Commons". Her PhD work at Humboldt University is unrelated to the conference context. She studied the State-Sangha (monks order) relations in Cambodia after the Pol Pot time (1979-85), embedded in a comparative study of political Buddhism in mainland South East Asian Theravada countries in the 20th century.