Hack Your PhD Open Science Interviews

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  1. Célya Gruson-Daniel on the Hack Your PhD Project‎--French
  2. William Gunn on Mendeley‎
  3. Adam Marblestone on the BioBright Collaboration Project in Biomedical Science
  4. Ann Lam and Elan Ohayon on Achieving Autonomous Sustainable Research in Neuroscience
  5. Merce Crosas on Open Big Data in Science
  6. Jean-Claude Guedon on Libre Access in the South‎--French
  7. Sally James on How Biomedical Ideas Get Siloed‎
  8. Jason Bobe on the Personal Genome Project
  9. Andrea Ippolito on the [email protected] Medecine Initiative
  10. Avery Louie on Achieving Research Cost Savings Through DIY Bio
  11. Kaitlin Thaney on the Mozilla Science Lab's Open Science and Open Web Priorities
  12. Paolo Ciccarese on Knowledge Management for Open Science
  13. Nitin Baliga on Open Science for Systems Biology
  14. John Humphreys on Opening Genomics Data
  15. Tess Mayal on the Open Reproducibility of Science in the Science Exchange Project
  16. Katy Levinson on Hackerdojo Hackerspace in Silicon Valley
  17. Stephanie Wright on Creating a Culture of Sharing Data and Code to Improve Reproducibility
  18. Eugene Kolker on Data-Driven and Reproducible Life Sciences Research‎
  19. Jennifer Muilenberg an Open Standard for Documenting Data‎‎
  20. Jennifer Davison on the (E)Valuation of Scientists‎
  21. John Humphreys on the Availability of Genomics Data‎
  22. Steven Roberts on Open Science Action‎
  23. Annabel Lavielle on Research Action Panels for Collaborative Open Science‎
  24. Jai Ranganathan on Engaging with the Public and Improving Your Science‎
  25. Emma Peng Chien on Integration between Philosophy and Science‎
  26. Open Research Exchange Project www.openresearchexchange.com/‎‎