Gregory Kramer on Interpersonal Meditation into Mutuality

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"Gregory Kramer, teacher of an interpersonal meditation practice called Insight Dialogue (and author of a book with the same title) joins us to explore the question of, "What is the path of awakening, when we realize that we are essentially relational beings?" We discuss his early path as a meditator and the later work that contributed to the co-creation of the dialogic meditation practice, insight dialogue.

We also delve into the interpersonal truths behind the 4 noble truths, especially as they relate to interpersonal suffering and hunger, and see how interpersonal meditation is one way to become free both personally and relationally.

This is Part 1 of a two-part series. Check out Part 2, Insight Dialogue: Extending Meditation into Mutuality to hear the rest of this dialogue.' (