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The Greexit Project Outline.

This document is a summary of the skype conference call, held on 8.01.2013, 08:00 GMT/UTC among: Michel Bauwens, Vasilis Kostakis, George Papanikolaou, Petros At FreeLab, and Jose Ramos.

Now see the project working site:

info & call for support

This is the working document, intended to be collaboratively edited. Do not hold your punches!

Executive summary

We plan to run a study tour throughout various Greek communites, to learn and show to the world, how they constructively deal with a long-term state and economy dysfunction. The outcome of the tour will be:

  • An interactive, online, real time videocast, showing the progress of the tour.
  • A documentary movie, produced from the material gathered during the tour, intended for mainstream media distibution.
  • A series of multimedia reports/publications, giving the reality check insight for activist, policy makers and whom it may concern.
  • Possibly, some social networking follow-up, to be defined yet.

The tour will take the form of a bus/camper journey, approximately six weeks long, including visits in the most distinct communities, joining them for couple days and showing them participatory way.

The outline


We agreed that, roughly, following milestones seem to be realistic:

  • Concept and strategy outlined - mid February
  • Documentary and videocast/website design and structure - Spring
  • Field research and planning - Spring/Summer
  • The tour itself - late Summer/Autumn
  • Post-production - Winter.


  • The seed money source is not defined yet.
  • The live tour show (website & videocast) would be a tool for crowdfunding among the public, to fund the documentary production stage.
  • The documentary itself, should provide enough income to close the whole balance in plus.


(note from Petros: please edit by yourselves, I am writing down only what I am sure understood which is not the whole thing. Worse, I have problem assigning voices to names, yet, so help yourselves. :-)

  • Michel & Jose
International experience in running documentary projects. Top level networking. Funding arrangements.
  • Vasilis
Ioannina and vicinity. General support and hospitality. Very :-) limited budget. P2P Lab as a facility, a possibly base-camp as well as a case study to be documented. Major contribution would be by providing technological and social insight into Greek particularities. Also, by providing somewhat critical component, to balance overwhelming enthusiasm of others.
  • George
Athens and Greece as a whole. Target groups networking. Athens base-camp. Hospitality in Athens. Contacts, contacts, contacts.
  • Petros
Grassroot level PR and information. Volunteers recruitment. All website/computer/communications arrangement (OPEN SOURCE!). Full time involvement. Writing documents. Driving the bus. Cooking. Telling bad jokes. Getting hands dirty. Some weird contact that my be helpful. Daydreaming professional.


  • Petros will gather all content generated to date and put it here as a Pre greexit Archive, in case of need. Deadline: 9.01.2013. DONE
  • Petros will extract and list all links pointing to possible hosting communities, Making a community directory for further researching. Deadline: 12.01.2013 DONE as much as I could. Please comment & contribute