Global Research on Augmented Collaborative Economy 2016

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* Report: Global Research on Augmented Collaborative Economy 2016. By Fotis Filippopoulos. CIPB, 2016.

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"Forging novel capabilities to drive future business strategies for Coops pursuing success and growth within a collaborative economic ecosystem."


"The study reflects the views of Coop C-suite and upper management leaders as well as of employees, members and customers across 110 Coop institutions from 18 industries and 47 countries, on cutting–edge topics reflecting the key areas of Collaborative Economy that are becoming increasingly difficult to ignore.

With platform-oriented companies in network markets already representing a considerable fraction of the economy by connecting in real time buyers, sellers, partners and various communities of users and the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), it is clear that they represent formidable forces that are fuelling a new type of competition and driving a profound global macroeconomic change.

In accordance to the axioms of GRACE16, ACE is hypothesised here as a potentially novel model for cross-sector collaboration among Coops that combines C-commerce, digital platforms and potentially IoT in the mid and long term to empower all Coop players to collect, synchronise and exchange data, co-develop and co-deliver novel or complementary superior valueadded services, make better use of time and resources and combine their capabilities to harness the power of cross-sector value networks.

This is what we call Augmented Collaborative Economy or ACE and as we define it, represents a novel way of thinking about Cooperativism, value generation, market creation, market development and interactions within the Coop community."

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