Global Public Goods

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Global Public Goods = Global "Commons are public goods which are deemed important to the international community; cannot, or will not, be adequately addressed by individual countries; and are thus best addressed multilaterally and collectively." (


A local public good benefits all the members of a local community, possibly to include the citizens of more than one country.

A national public good benefits all the citizens of a state.

A domestic public good benefits all the members of a community situated within a single state. National public goods are domestic public goods, but domestic public goods need not be national public goods.

A regional public good benefits countries belonging to a geographic territory.

A global public good benefits all countries and, therefore, all persons.

An international public good benefits more than one country. Global and regional public goods are both international public goods. However, some international public goods may be neither regional nor global. The public good of collective defence under NATO, for example, applies to North America and Europe," (

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