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"Global Commons Trust promotes the creation of trusteeships, where the rights to our commons may be realized for the benefit of all. This promises a very different world than the ownership society of exploitation and aggression so prevalent today. When people claim the sovereign right to manage and revalue their common goods, civilization is transformed.

Imagine a world where

  • commons trusts preserve and regenerate the assets of a commons
  • private industry prospers from the surplus resources which it rents from these trusts
  • governments provide citizens with an income generated through the use of these commons

Global Commons Trust opens a window into this rising global trusteeship society — a world where everyone benefits from the preservation and use of their common resources, and the cooperative human spirit is lifted through new energetic patterns of sustainability, wealth and power." (

James Quilligan is a founder of the GCT


"Global Commons Trust is a growing group of individuals, organizations and other non-proprietary stakeholders who believe that shared resources should be held by the organized commonwealth of all citizens of the planet. We believe that a global trust is needed so that the world’s commons are recognized and protected through a binding international trust for the benefit of humanity and all species.

Global Commons Trust is dedicated to inspiring and promoting a trusteeship managed by the global community to

• provide a repository of information about common goods, commons trusts, commons rent and social charters

• establish a nexus of commons organizations through Commons Action for the United Nations and elicit input from individuals and groups on commons issues

• unite citizens, world leaders and policy makers through a multilateral platform for the global commons

We believe that the United Nations will ultimately develop a more representative capacity in protecting the commons on behalf of the people of the world. Global Commons Trust supports the 1995 proposal of the Commission on Global Governance to revitalize the Trusteeship Council of the United Nations for this purpose. In the meantime, Global Commons Trust is modeling a form of global trusteeship based on the realization of the common rights of humanity for the benefit of all beings through natural and customary law."


  • Global Commons Trust and several other organizations are presently spearheading the development of a Gulf Charter - a social charter for coastal residents affected by the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico.