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Overview page.



  1. Cooperativa de Trabajo Tecso Limitada
  2. Gcoop - Argentina; [email protected]


  1. Colivre Cooperativa de Tecnologias Livres
  2. SOLIS - Brazil, Júnior Mulinari <[email protected]>



  1. OSSICS, Kerala, India
  2. WikiOcean, Pune, India, uses Weko/Reppo based governance system. Contact for info: [email protected]


  1. software.coop is present in North West and London, but also in the South West England; contact via http://www.software.coop/contact/

see also:

  1. The Open Co-op, UK


  1. Network of American Tech Worker Cooperatives discussion list ; How to guide
  2. Chicago Technology Cooperative
  3. Gnusha [1], USA (into open manufacturing, hacklab/fablab infrastructues, etc.)
  4. TechCollective (Bay Area)


  1. Easter Eggs [2] - France
  2. Ikusnet - Spain
  3. Koumbit, http://koumbit.org/en - Canada
  4. OS Alliance, Austria, "Georg Pleger" <[email protected]> ; Roland Alton-Scheidl <[email protected]>; Eric Poscher <[email protected]>
  5. Pong - Switzerland

Other contacts:

  1. Rama <[email protected]>


  1. KunLabori Collaborative, Sweden (no longer active, according to Josef Davies-Coates, May 2008)

See also:

  1. HostSharing eG - a german coop specialising on ISP Services

More Information

  1. Spanish-language discussion list, maintained by Gcoop in Argentina: Cooperativismo y el Software Libre
  2. Cooperativas de Software Livre <[email protected]>

Related Initiatives

  1. The Telekommunisten collective [[3]]