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Michel Bauwens

I am 47 (born 21/3/58), married to a Thai national in Chiang Mai, with 2 children in Paris, and 2 children here in Thailand.

After a career as a reference librarian/analyst (USIA, 1981-1990), business information manager (BP Nutrition, 1990-93), editor-in-chief of the digital magazine Wave in Belgium (1993-1994), creator of two dotcoms, respectively active in the field of intranet/extranets (eCom, sold to Alcatel, 1995-96), and interactive marketing (KyberCo, sold to Virtuality, 1997-1998), European Manager of Thought Leadership (USWeb/CKS / MarchFIRST, 1997-98), and eBusiness Strategy Director for Belgacom (Belgium's largest telco, 1999-2002), I started to have serious doubts about the sustainability of the neoliberal model for the political economy. I decided to take a two-year sabbatical for reflection, and eventually moved to the magical city of Chiang Mai,Thailand, to start a new life, with a more balanced pace of life, amidst my Thai wife's extended family. I try to sustain myself through teaching (Payap University, CMU) and to devote time to explore the new social paradigm which I call peer to peer, and holds promise for political and social change. I created the Foundation for P2P Alternatives in order to find similarly minded people worldwide, hoping to contribute to the change that I am trying to analyse and understand.

Creative endeavours: I should mention that I also taught "The Anthropology of Digital Society" at St. Louis/ICHEC in Brussels, co-editing two French-language volumes with the same title; and co-created (scenario, research and interviews) a 3-hour TV documentary with film maker Frank Theys, entitled TechnoCalyps, the metaphysics of technology and the end of man, which will be relaunched in a new version (with which I did not collaborate much this time) in May 2006 in Belgium. In my home country Belgium I am somewhat known as an 'internet guru'; here in my new life, I am again a 'great unknown'.

Spiritually and intellectually, I have moved from a radical materialist position in my youth, to an intense investigation and experimentation with eastern and western psycho-technologies from my mid-twenties to my mid-thirties (a search for enlightement and transcendence), through self-study of the western philosophical tradition later in life. After a crisis of confidence in the existing system during 1997-1998, associated with exhaustion through overwork in my business environment, I decided to reflect more deeply and to attempt to integrate the ideals of my youth (engagement with the left), with the spiritual knowledge gathered during my spiritual search, and my knowledge/experience with the current social and intellectual trends, as well as my engagement in the worlds of business and technology. It gradually dawned on me that the commonality behind the changes we were witnessing, was the peer to peer form, which I set out to study and understand, to the best of my abilities, in dialogue with others.

Brice Le Blevennec

I am 39 (born 23/09/67), single with one child. I'm based in Brussels Belgium. In (very tiny) Belgium I'm known as a serial entrepreneur, techno geek and media guru. More about me on my blog, photoblog, wiki, linkblog, Emakina and ContactOffice. I define myself better by what I did until today...

  • 1989-1990 Freelance infographist in agencies Paparazzi, Twogether, Groupe G,...
  • 1991 founded Ex Machina S.P.R.L. Below-the-line studio.
  • 1992 first interactive kiosks with touch screen and video in belgium (Swatch)
  • 1993 first digital video TV-Show edited on a Mac broadcasted (Canal +, JAADTOLY)
  • 1994 first belgian CD-ROM consumer title (Le Mystere Magritte), win several awards
  • 1995 first ‘non-ISP’ websites online in belgium (SonyMusic, Dupuis, …)
  • 1996 start producing and presenting the weekly radio-show CyberCafe for Radio 21
  • 1997 CyberCafe become a tv-show about technologies on La Deux (R.T.B.F.)
  • 1998 Split Ex Machina S.P.R.L. in 3 specialized companies. (Ex Machina Interactive Architects S.A., Web Agency ; Ex Machina Graphic Design S.P.R.L., below-the-line studio & Ex Nihilo S.A., holding)
  • 1999 founded ContactOffice Group S.A., (web based groupware)
  • 2000 founded Ex Machina Television S.P.R.L. (TV and Radio Production)
  • 2001 Merge Ex Machina Interactive Architects S.A. with Emalaya S.A. to form Emakina S.A.
  • 2002 founded Ex Tempore S.P.R.L.
  • 2002 launched ContactOffice France
  • 2003 launched Emakina France
  • 2003 launched ContactOffice Netherlands
  • 2004 start producing and presenting the weekly radio show "Single" broadcasted on PureFM.
  • 2005 Emakina acquire B. On The Net S.P.R.L. (,, ...)
  • 2006 Emakina listed on Alternext (ALEMK)
  • 2007 Emakina acquire Design is Dead S.P.R.L. (Antwerpen)
  • 2007 acquisition of Convergences S.A.
  • 2007 founded Tunz S.A., a P2P mobile payment system

Today Emakina is the first Web Agency in Belgium and listed on Alternext (ALEMK). My goal : open more countries and get to European level. ContactOffice is leader in the education market. My goal: grab the global leadership in online groupware.

James Burke

James Burke (1971) I live in Amsterdam. At the moment i seem to spend most of my time developing software ideas and building communities online and off. My company HQ is here while an older more personal blog is atLifesized. I also run a regular geek dinner in Amsterdam called the PussyCatLounge with Tijs. Robert from BlueAce joined the fun. We are collaborating on a new open source adventure called theRoomWareProject.

I run the P2P Foundation together with Michel Bauwens. My role is managing the technology side of the present platform of blogs and wiki. I am the official secretary and sort of CTO.

The P2P Foundation is a legal entity registered in the Netherlands under Dutch Law. It is comprised of 5 core members although we rotate annually. Currently this consists of Michel in Thailand and myself in the Netherlands plus Natalie Pang - in Australia, Salvino Salvaggio - in Quatar and Sam Rose - in the USA comprising our board team.

Other things i do : I founded Lifesized to coordinate my work. Essentially Lifesized is attempting to redesign the relationship between people whether we call ourselves citizens,individuals, consumers, or non of the above.

Right now i work primarily as an information architect and experience designer.

I am interested in working with organizations, governments and issue networks needing customized strategy and design solutions with listening and social media in mind. My general software focus is on developing social accounting technologies.

Working on

1) Beroepseer: A social network for public sector professionals to share stories from the shop floor, and offer each other advise and solutions, to increase a sense of pride in what they do. It offers all the traditional social networking tools. Create groups, events, blogs, video posts.

2) Roomware - software that runs in a defined physical space

I founded the Roomware Project with Tijs Teulings and Robert Gaal. We are developing a way to design software applications that run in a physical space. Roomware is how you program the state of a room. It connects devices and thus people with each other and environmental features like lighting, audio and video possibilities within a room.

An example of a test application - FlickPickr

Requisites: a flickr account, a phone with blue tooth functionality, screen to present output on.

What you need to do: change your phone ID to your flickr id, turn on bluetooth on your phone, walk into the room

Entering the room in which the application is running your flickr avatar will appear on the screen. A slide show will be running which takes your last 10 images uploaded to flickr and that of any other people also with their flickr id turned on and create a remix of images from all your accounts.

This is a very elementary demonstration of what it would be like when you walk into a new room and it suddenly pulls a part of your attention stream (images/videos/blogposts/links) stored online into the space.

The evolution to this experiment is to design a new theatrical language perhaps similar to what we see in computer games that operates in the physical spaces around us. Your bedroom, living room, your office, a restaurant or night club, or auditorium. So we need to be able to firstly connect with the devices and controls around us. It's a bit of a messy world out there right now. And then providing some scripts where you can tie together the loose pieces.

My background - I studied a BA in Archaeology and International Relations at Boston University(incomplete), USA. - Worked as a professional baker and as a chef in restaurants for 6 years including 2 years in the Supperclub - 5 years designer flash for websites mainly for companies and ad agencies. - Awards: Yu-Gi-Oh! GXGroove Room - Time magazine coolest sites 2006!

Other stuff I also recently set up a new home(a blog) for a recent fork that occurred in the integral movement.