European Association for Public Domain

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"The European Association for Public Domain, is a non-profit-making entity which has the following aims

1. To promote and defend the cultural goods and information which shape the Public Domain in all its aspects.

2. To promote and defend the Citizen's interests and rights to access and use the cultural goods and information of Public Domain.

3. To promote and defend the Creators' interests and rights when choosing to create for Public Domain.

4. To promote that Public Domain be put to good use in the private, professional and institutional fields.

5. To promote and stimulate the development of common policies for all the states in the European Union concerning the Public Domain.

6. To promote the digitalisation of cultural goods of public domain and their diffusion through the Internet as the means to ensure the universal principle of equality of opportunities in the access to knowledge.

7. To promote the reconciliation of the individual right of the author and everyone's right to culture and knowledge through the establishment of codes of conduct and the proportionality of the means employed in their protection, setting as limit the respect of civil rights: the right to privacy, the secret of communications and the privacy of data."