Equitable Economy Fund

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= a fund for co-operative and shared ownership (USA)

URL = https://start.coop/invest/


"The Equitable Economy Fund is an equity fund designed to provide capital that can accelerate cooperatively owned and shared ownership companies, while also providing a financial return to investors. One investment buys a diversified portfolio of multiple cooperatives and shared ownership companies, with focused follow-on capital to the best companies.

The objective of the fund is to create a small pool of values aligned financing to invest in business expansion and growth for cooperatively-owned businesses poised for growth and traditional companies looking to convert to shared ownership, similar to what a traditionally-owned business might receive from a private equity fund. Investment opportunities will be sourced from the Start.coop shared ownership business accelerator for seed-stage businesses as well as comprehensive review of growth-stage/market-validated shared ownership businesses.


Economic inequality is at an all time high, and wealth is increasingly concentrated among business owners and investors. In addition, systemic racism makes it prohibitively difficult for Black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) to start businesses and build wealth. A new generation of entrepreneurs, both white and BIPOC, wants to build transformative and scalable businesses that align with their values and which use their ownership model to combat – rather than perpetuate – economic and race-based inequality.

However access to capital is one of the greatest hurdles facing cooperative businesses."