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= EnergyPoints Software-as-a-Service platform



Lea Tzimoulis:

"There’s no common metric for energy. Terms like gallons, kWh, MPG, and BTUs force us to think of different types of energy in different ways. Many people won’t know, for instance, that a gallon of natural gas is equivalent to about three gallons of oil, or that driving an electric vehicle in Indiana produces a higher carbon footprint than driving a gas-guzzling SUV in California.

Energy Points and big data have changed all that by creating a universal metric for energy and a SaaS platform that makes comparing energy resources easy and intuitive.

EnergyPoints uses mathematical algorithms to extract information about energy from 2 billion global data points to create a common metric for all sources of energy. Rather than hawking carbon impact or global warming, Energy Points reduces the energy discussion to pure math, providing a simple, unvarnished and unbiased understanding of energy in all its forms, from source through its lifecycle."