Emer O'Siochru on Reclaiming the Commons

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Video from Feasta, available via http://vimeo.com/5667418


From the 2008 FEASTA SEMINAR SERIES, Converging Crises, Policy Responses, Thursday 17th July 2008

This talk addressed destruction of 'the commons' - the vital but undefined resources that sustain life and civilisation that are under threat form the current system. It offered ideas about how they can be redefined, given legal protection within the market economy, their proper owners identified and champions assigned to manage and conserve them for current and future generations. The commons include the atmosphere, the oceans, surface and ground waters, aspects of land, genetic information, plant and animal diversity, scientific knowledge and culture.

Part of a series of five seminars presented by prominent Feasta members in Dublin, in June and July 2008. You can read about the seminars in more detail here feasta.org/events/general/2008_seminars.htm