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echo is an internet project for citizen empowerment.


echologic offers you the opportunity to follow and actively engage in the evolution of echo.

echo is an internet project for citizen empowerment. Our goal is to establish a new form of participatory democracy on the very local, as well as on the regional and global level.


the end of powerlessness!

the beginning of self-determination!

echo opens up a new era of democratic collaboration. It enables engaged citizens, experts, representatives and their organizations to take part in solution-oriented discussions and mobilize supporters to jointly turn their decisions into reality. echo's novel discussion method thereby lets, for the first time, collective intelligence emerge in a democratic public discourse even with a nearly unlimited number of participants. In this way, echo empowers people all over the world to collaborate in a constructive manner and jointly determine their very local living space, as well as the future of our common world. Additionally, echo's Your-Profit philosophy effectively supports people to successfully achieve their goals.

By facilitating new means of transnational and intercultural collaboration, echo aims to foster a global consciousness and smoothen the path towards a peaceful, equitable and sustainable future