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Support Team

Alphabetic list:

  1. Beatriz Busaniche, associated member CSG, Vialibre, Argentina, beatriz.busaniche at
  2. Daniel Constein, Master Student, De-growth Economy and Commons, Germany, d.constein at
  3. Hannes Euler, student, economy, Germany, lebensweise at
  4. Birte Friebel, Commonopolis, Commons Summer School, Germany, birte.friebel at
  5. Mayo Fuster Morell, Spain/USA, Mayo.Fuster at
  6. Franco Iacomella, P2P Foundation, Argentina, fiacomella at
  7. Brigitte Kratzwald, social scientist, independent commons activist and author, Austria, Mail
  8. Giulia Massobrio, Italy, gmassobrio at
  9. Stefan Meretz, Commons Theory, blogger, Germany, stefan at
  10. Denis Neumüller, student, psychology, Summerschool on the Commons, Germany, denis_neumueller at
  11. Petros At FreeLab, FreeLab PL,, email
  12. Sarah Scholz, Commons Summer School, Germany, Sarah.Scholz at
  13. Frédéric Sultan, Remix the Commons/ Vecam – also member of organizing team, France, fredericsultan at
  14. Stefan Tuschen, Germany, stefan at