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Support Team

Alphabetic list:

  1. Beatriz Busaniche, associated member CSG, Vialibre, Argentina, [email protected]
  2. Daniel Constein, Master Student, De-growth Economy and Commons, Germany, [email protected]
  3. Hannes Euler, student, economy, [email protected]
  4. Birte Friebel, Commonopolis, Commons Summer School, [email protected]
  5. Mayo Fuster Morell, Spain/USA, [email protected]
  6. Franco Iacomella, P2P Foundation, Argentina, [email protected]
  7. Brigitte Kratzwald, social scientist, independent commons activist and author, [email protected]
  8. Giulia Massobrio, Italy, [email protected]
  9. Stefan Meretz, Commons Theory, blogger, Germany, [email protected]
  10. Denis Neumüller, student, psychology, Summerschool on the Commons, [email protected]
  11. Sarah Scholz, Commons Summer School, [email protected]
  12. Frédéric Sultan, Remix the Commons/ Vecam – also member of organizing team, France, [email protected]
  13. Stefan Tuschen, Germany, [email protected]

See also:

  1. Petros, FreeLab PL,, email
  2. Franz Nahrada (Austria), [email protected]