Digital Customer Evangelism

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"1. Filters : "The Filters are human wire services. They collect traditional media stories, bloggers' rants and raves, podcasts, or fan creations about a specific company or brand and then package this information into a daily or near-daily stream of links, story summaries, and observations". or are two examples.

2. Fanatics : "The Fanatics are true believers and evangelists. They love to analyze the daily or weekly progress of a brand, product, organization, or person and prescribe courses of action. They are, essentially, volunteer coaches." An example of fantatic bloggers is McChronicles. This guy blogs exclusively about McDonald's. His sole mission is to make the company better.

3. Facilitators : "Facilitators are community creators. Their primary citizen marketer tool is a Web-based bulletin board or community software. Facilitators are like the mayors of online towns, and some online communities exceed the populations of small cities". A great example here is , a community site for owners (and potential owners) of the Mini

4. Firecrackers : I love this one. "Firecrackers are the one-hit wonders of citizen marketers. They can attract considerable attention because they have created a song, animation, video, or novelty that generates a lot of interest but tends to die out quickly as the creators go on with their other work." I always use Dell Hell and Kryptonite as an example in my lectures." ( )