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URL = https://www.dimelab.org/


"DIME's lab vision is to empower manufacturing science researchers, engineers and educators to utilize data to improve the productivity, reliability and sustainability of manufacturing systems. These manufacturing systems span traditional computer numerical control (CNC), additive manufacturing systems and advanced biomedical manufacturing systems. We believe newer automation processes, particularly intelligent machines and cyber-physical manufacturing systems in manufacturing and design will lead to the next generation of personalized consumer and healthcare products. We intend to demonstrate a pilot to showcase automated data streams from machines into a manufacturing cyberinfrastructure, democratizing access to storage, computing and virtualization resources, federating data sharing from disparate manufacturing environments, while fostering the growth and innovation in the manufacturing research and technology community."

Directory of Projects


"Blockchain in Manufacturing

We have created the first of its implementation of a decentralized approach to handle manufacturing information generated by various organizations using blockchain technology. This decentralized network of manufacturing machines and computing nodes can enable automated transparency of an organization’s capability, third party verification of such capability and automated mechanisms to drive paperless contracts between participants using ‘smart contracts’."

Cloud Manufacturing Platforms

Manufacturing Data is distributed across multiple entities and enterprises. Access to such data is nearly impossible due to restrictions on data ownership, intellectual property, data privacy of those who own the data. Yet, Manufacturing is a tremendous asset and that which is hardly leveraged by small and medium scale manufacturing businesses. This work will focus on distributed machine learning algorithms with data privacy as a focus. This is driven by enabling sharing data assets across organizational boundaries.

Electronic Manufacturing Marketplaces

We are working on automated mechanisms for a manufacturing services marketplace, Consumers name their own price and the mechanism will find service bureaus who are willing to make the part under the stated price. Consumers bid and the platform finds a service supplier able to match the stated bid price. The incentive for service providers is the opportunity to market their excess capacity to a deal conscious consumer at a lower price without cannibalizing their existing sales channels."