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1) Introduction to the course

commons theory (theories)

contextualization (informationalism, economy of knowledge, biopolitics, cognitive and netarchical capitalism, ethical economy, social economy)

Free culture Movements

Framing Struggles and Transition

2) Commons-based peer production (CBPP)

new collective enterprises as vectors of change

3) new models of sustainability

4) new competitive advantages

5) big data and info-enterprises

privacy, transparency

6) new organizational logics

governance, leadership, integration and cooperation


7) normative aspects

intellectual property new legal entities

social charts, social norms

tech protocols and codes as laws

8) public policies

Beyond Public/Private

Partner State

New ways of organizing public services

New public sphere

Value metrics and legal rules

9) Cases Studies - Studies of sectors

Alternative currencies

Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing

P2P publicity


Democratize university: Co-design/co-produce: contents, methodologies, evaluation

Wiki - textbooks

Video Lectures

Automatic tests

Cases studies

Experiential Learning

Communities of practise

Synergies, Re-mix, Modulization

Data mining

Problem solving

Start up projects


IGOP: cursos de postgrado en economia cooperativa y en agricoltura agro-biologica

UCM - Master

Siviglia - Commons and agricoltura agrobiologica


Wikipedia Foundation - Wikiuniversity

Motzilla Foundation