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List of Directories


Compfight is a Flickr search tool that merely tries to ease your hunt for CC licensed images on the popular photo sharing site.

An archive of over a thousand abstract backgrounds you can use for free or just for inspiration.

Flickr Creative Commons search:

A specialized search inside of Flickr that will allow you to search only for images that are using CC licenes.

While clip art sometimes brings to mind really bad children-themed images used in a classroom, this archive of free-to-use clipart numbering around 11,000 pieces is filled with professional looking works.

A photo archive resource filled with travel and location photos from all around the world that are free for your use. is a mixed media hosting site, but within the image portion you can find a clearly makred directory of Creative Commons licensed photos.

Best known for their ever growing collection of tutorials on all walks of life, wikiHow also has a huge collection of photographs for all those subjects, and they are all under CC licenses." (