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A Cow-Share program is an example of Demand Side investment into the material Means of Production for the purpose of receiving at-cost dairy products under full consumer control.

This User Owned form of organization was made illegal in Utah, U.S. with the passage of HB311 by Margaret Dayton Utah State Senator, District 15.

Text of the bill can be read at:

It is easy to see why the Corporate-run governments pass such laws: The largest problem Cow-Sharing causes for 'regular' (for-profit) organizations is the ability for the end-user to receive the product without ever paying profit. Since the consumers own the cattle, barn, tools, etc. - they would pay only the costs of that production (including wages), but profit is undefined. This model undercuts all other ownership arrangements because the goal is finally for Use value alone. For-profit corporations probably claim some sort of "unfair competition" since their only purpose for existence is to keep Price Above Cost.

See for (lack of) justifications.

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