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On The Commons:

"Commons-based solutions are often co-created with the help of commons animators – leaders who breathe new life into situations, question dominant paradigms, and fosters collaborative approaches.

Commons Animators use the commons framework to pose fundamentally different questions that can help to redefine problems and generate groundbreaking solutions that are commons-based. The commons, as both an approach to the stewardship of shared resources and a related narrative, offers citizens much needed pathways to achieve power and create solutions that benefit all. A commons approach places a high value on what we share, and emphasizes forms of “citizen engagement” that enable people to become stewards and protectors of resources-- not just users. This provides the basis to reinvigorate democracy, re-enliven authentic community and restore the spirit of collaboration that empowers us to claim the right to make decisions that affect our lives and futures." (


  1. Great Lakes Social Charter
  2. Homegrown Minneapolis Commons-Based Food Policy Blueprint‎