Commons Education Commons - 2013

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Side-Event to Economics of the Commons Conference – From Seed Form to Core Paradigm” (ECC), for further information on ECC see: Overview_of_the_Economics_of_the_Commons_Conference

This Side-Event is co-hosted by the Global Commons Initiative at the University of Notre Dame (US) and the School of Commoning (UK).

The main objective of the meeting is to explore the interest in creating a global, open-source education consortium for commons educators, secondary school teachers, and university professors.


For the last three years the Global Commons Initiative at Notre Dame has been offering courses on the commons to undergraduate students, as well as MBA and Executive MBA students. In addition, Notre Dame has partnered with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) to offer an online, self-paced introduction to the commons. These educational products have a Creative Commons license.

The School of Commoning, based in London, has been a leader in commons-based education events and has built a valuable archive of key lectures by commons scholars such as James Quilligan and David Bollier. The School of Commoning website has a very informative blog, a broad collection of "commons education" videos on its YouTube channel, as well as a resource-rich "Knowledge Garden" with articles, a library, glossary, and other valuable tools.


Is this the right moment to launch a Commons Education Commons? Is it possible to build an open-source commons curriculum? How could such a resources be developed in a way that allows for maximum self-organization, maximum participation, and maximum use?

Date and Venue

  • 21 May in the afternoon (14:00 to 17:30)
  • Venue in Berlin to be determined

Suggested Participants

  • Michel Bauwens (P2P Foundation)
  • Marco Berlinguer (Escuela de los Commons, Barcelona)
  • Anna Betz (School of Commoning)
  • Leo Burke (Notre Dame University)
  • Monique Chartrand (Ecole des Communes, Montreal)
  • Mayo Fuster Morell (Escuela de los Commons, Barcelona)
  • Ruben Martinez (Escuela de los Commons, Barcelona)
  • Jose Murilo (Cultura Digital)
  • George Pór(School of Commoning)
  • Jagdeesh Rao (Foundation for Ecological Security)
  • Mary-Beth Scheisslinger (School of Commoning)
  • Wouter Tebbens (Free Knowledge Institute, Escuela de los Commons)
  • Connor Turland (School of Commoning)