Commons Culture Communications - 2013

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This is a workshop proposal, not yet confirmed


Workshop of 20 persons (max) from different continents focused on discussing and defining actions related with communication, education and culture around the Commons paradigm and Cultures of Commoning.

The main objective of the meeting is to gather different persons with skills on communication and educational projects in order to define plans and future initiatives to improve the communication about commons towards a broader public. Some future projects that could be discussed during the workshop include:

  • Collaborative and distributed documentary film:
    During the last Latin America Commons Deep Dive, some ideas about creating some audiovisual pieces emerged as a way to reach large audiences: the two fundamental projects that was referred to in that moment were Remix the Commons (a multimedia platform with contents about the commons) and The Forbidden Education (a viral copyleft documentary produced in a collaborative way that reached millions of spectators in very short time).
  • Open Educational Resources about the commons:
    While several "schools of commoning" are emerging in different countries, the production of high quality OER about the commons and practices of commoning would benefit and strength those educative networks
  • Communication strategies:
    what ideas about the commons are the fundamental ones? what is the best way to communicate them? what languages can/has to be used in order to give a clear message?
    Which communication strategies (even from marketing/ publicity or advertising) can be used to strenghten our message?
    How to connect to other communication networks from Social Movements (as AMARC, Global Voices and others)
  • Forming a "commons curation commons"?
    One of the suggested agenda items is that we identify and develop the conditions for the coordinated curation of directly commons-related news, events, literature, initiatives, reflected in all media, as the emerge.
    Curation is more than compiling lists of URLs of interesting stuff we come across. It's also about indexing, tagging, and annotating them The best work done so far is by Michel Bauwens and the P2P Foundation team. However their inclusion criteria is much broader than the commons, and with the rapid development of global ecosystem of commons-focused initiatives, no one group can keep up with the task. It requires the coordinated effort of all of us, who feel called to contribute to the collective intelligence and consciousness of the commons movement.
    Curation is also about making relevant knowledge more actionable, by organizing it so that it is extremely easy to call into live conversation, from anywhere, anytime, using any device. It requires well-coordinated collective action, by a curation team.... possibly, a commons curation commons. Please comment on this on the Discussion page, by clicking on its tab at the top of this page. (You have to be registered and logged in before you can do that.)

Date and Venue

  • Date: 20/05/2013 (eventually 21/05 in the morning) - the idea is to organize that workshop shortly before ECC to benefit from the presence of some of the participants in Berlin)
  • Venue: Berlin, Germany


Tentative list of participants
  1. Santiago Hoerth
  2. Frederic_Sultan
  3. Oya (Johannes Heimrath, Lara Mallien)
  4. Someone from Remix ---> ALAIN?
  5. Birte Friebel, Commonopolis, Germany
  6. George Por, School of Commoning, GB
  7. Samer Hassan, Spain
  8. Sally Burch, GB/Ecuador
  9. Someone from Blender Foundation
  10. José Ramos
  11. Wolfgang Hoeschele, CAN
  12. Julia Gechter, Germany - does documentaries and/or # Dagmar Scholle, Germany (radio journalist)
  13. Someone from Mozilla Foundation
  14. AMARC (evt. from the European Office)
  15. p2p University # Philippe Schmidt
  16. Someone from Commons Network France
  17. game-inventor
  18. two artists
  19. Leland Maschmeyer;
  20. Franz Nahrada, Austria "it would be great if there was a taskforce of commoners contributing already now to a wiki that gives us swift orientation what products and services to use in which situation. Preferrably we should go for Open Source and Community - operated solutions, but not compromise technical quality."
  21. Traficantes de Sueno (Beatriz)


Proposals welcome

  1. Someone from Wiki Commons
  2. Prabir_Purkayashta member of the People's Science Network Forum, co-author of the statement on the commons in the Porto Alegre/Rio+20 process (People Summit) for his work in [1] and/or [2]