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= "Our Mission: By the year 2030 to help to build a commons-based global community and to bring about a shift to commons-based local to global economies centred on the well-being of all people and nature".


"Our objectives were

  1. To make the concept of the global commons and its components known among delegates and civil society organizations.
  2. To get them mentioned in the (Co-) Chair’s Summaries. There were 2 for CSD 18 and one for Prepcom 1—in all 169 pages.
  3. To form synergistic relationships with 1000 people by May 31, 2010.
  4. For our team to grow into a commons in embryo to steward the global commons.
  5. To build commons awareness with other civil society organizations (with the longer term goal of enabling humanity to steward diverse aspects of the global commons by allowing people to see themselves as sovereign over their common resources).
  6. To promote the concept of a rights and values based global economy."

Our initiatives include:

  • Consolidating relationships among our participants:

1.Regular strategy meetings via telephone conference between participants worldwide;

2. Regular mailing on activities that are being planned with invitations to join.

3. Reports on activities.

Bottom up:

1.Alerting people in ten language areas to what the commons are and how a commons-approach can help to deal with environmental, economic and social challenges at local to global levels;

2. Providing access to writings and courses on the commons;

3. Encouraging participants to gather information on diverse commons and their best practices worldwide;

4. Developing an IT structure which we are calling the Commons Abundance Network that would help commons to empower one another and create closer working relationships;

5. Using our Instant Response Network to inform Governments and the UN Secretariat of best practices and the preferences of the commons movement.

Top down:

Providing governments and the UN Secretariat with

1. information on the advantages of using a commons approach to creating sustainable local to global economies;

2. listings of measures they can take to

  a. produce a shift to commons-based local to global economies centred on the   well-being of all people and nature;
  b. finance such a shift;
  c. eradicate poverty and improve the resilience of nature;
  d. empower both the public and private sectors.

3. Working with other Civil Socieity Organizations at the UN to lobby Governments and the UN Secretariat to create a Panel of Experts within the UN to develop a step by step plan to implement a commons-based global economy based on the well-being of all people and nature and to do this with the input of all stakeholders worlewide.

4. Finding ways in which we can provide maximum support for this development from all groups in our 10 language areas."

Team Members: Lisinka Ulatowska, Richard Jordan, Jay Bender, Rob Wheeler, Kathleen Quain, Mary Beth Steisslinger, Quisia Gonzalez, Anthony Robinson, Alex Dale, Amy Scarbrough, Maritza Mosquera (Deep Listening Workshop)


"Lisinka Ulatowska" <[email protected]>,

"Julie Lira" <[email protected]>,

"“Mary Beth Steisslinger”" <[email protected]>,

"Anthony Robinson" <[email protected]>,

"“Kathleen Quain”" <[email protected]>,

"Rob Wheeler" <[email protected]>,

"Richard Jordan" <[email protected]>,

"Andre Presse" <[email protected]>,

"Sanaz Mostaghim" <[email protected]>,

"LJ jang929" <[email protected]>,

"Quisia Gonzalez" <[email protected]>,

"Teckla Negga Melchior" <[email protected]>,

"George Collins" <[email protected]>,

"Alanna Hartzok" <[email protected]>,

"Carol Wilcox, preferred" <[email protected]>,

"Meena Bilgi" <[email protected]>,

More Information

Contact via Dr. Lisinka Ulatowska, UN Rep. Association of World Citizens; Institute for Planetary Synthesis



  1. Letter to the General Secretary of the U.N.: Towards a Rights and Values Based Global Economy